NFALC Minutes 15 October 2015. Plus Police Q&A and NPA themes

The latest minutes for the NFALC meeting held at Lymington Town Hall on 15 October 2015 are now available to view online using the links below. A number of topics were discussed including:

  • Electoral Registration
  • Devolution
  • Local Plan Review
  • New Forest National Park Local Plan Review

Amongst other topics which you can find by downloading the minutes using the link below:

Download: NFALC minutes – 15.10.15

Police Q&A

There was also Q&A forum with Chief Superintendent David Powell and Chief Inspector Simon Tribe from Hampshire Police. Questions were taken from representatives from various Council’s across the New Forest on policing issues. The question and answers have been made available online via the links below.

Three themes for the National Park

An extract from the North Quandrant Meeting held in Branshaw earlier in October,  Alison Barnes Chief Executive of the National Park spoke about the three themes of the National Park – Protect, Enjoy and Prosper.


The updating of the Management Plan provides a strategic and aspirational approach designed to guide the long term management of the National Park by a wide range of organisations, landowners and interested groups.  One major issue has been the Navitus Bay Development, a full and explanatory report was sent to the Secretary of State which concluded with a refusal, not to be reviewed.

The New Forest Higher Level Stewardship scheme, working alongside the Verderers and Forestry Commission to restore habitats, supports communing, protects archaeology and informs the next generation about the New Forest way of life.


The education officers and rangers work with schools running litter assemblies in schools and hosting events in the Forest

Promoting walking with expanded range of walking route guides.  There are 11 printed heritage walk leaflets and the NPA continue improving footpaths that had become badly eroded.


There are several projects that have helped people under the community grant scheme. Encouraging car-free travel and improving cycling.  Supporting New Forest food and craft producers.