Next meeting – Thursday 15th January

The next NFALC meeting will take place on Thursday 15th January at Appletree Court, Lyndhurst at 7.00pm. This meeting will include a presentation from Bob Jackson, Executive Director of NFDC regarding reduced tax grant. There will also be an update on reduced local bus and community transport services following consultation, as well as updates from our current focus groups:

a)   Dibden Bay / Marchwood Military Port – Alison Hoare, Marchwood

b)   Broadband Programme – Steve Avery, NPA

c)    Cycling Liaison Group – Neal Martin, Burley

d)    Light Pollution – Ellingham, Harbridge & Ibsley Parish Council

Rosemary Rutins, Democratic Services Manager at NFDC will also be updating the Association on the upcoming elections, covering the election timetable, plus what Clerks and candidates can and can’t do.

For full details you can download the full agenda


Strategic Cycle Network Appendix 2