Local Council spending requirements

Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council and Hampshire Fire & Rescue are all freezing their authorities share of the Council Tax next year. Only Hampshire Police are showing an increase of 1.99% and Town & Parish Councils an overall 3% increase.

Town/Parish spending requirements are increasing by 0.857% from £4,997,663 to £5,040,500 before grants. After grants/revised Tax Bases, this equates to the reported increase of £1.46 (2.1%) per Band “D” property. You can compare the Spending requirements 2014-15 to the Spending requirements 2015-16.

Overall, the average Council Tax bill for a Band “D” property next year will be £1,482.31, a rise of £4.53 (3%). The Precepts for 2015-16 can be downloaded online.

Bottom line Towns & Parishes are only seeking 0.9% increase but due to reduced grants it appears as 3% rise.